TeKontrol Vice President - Sales and Support

David O. Kornegay

Director of Sales Support

pillars_logoDavid O. Kornegay is Director of Sales Support for TeKONTROL, Inc. (TKI). He has more than 20 years experience in operations and company management including the development and implementation of successful business strategies.

Mr. Kornegay has served as Director of Sales Support since June 2010. In that capacity he is responsible for supporting the business development activities of TeKONTROL.

Mr. Kornegay progressed through a range of management positions at Quanterra Environmental Services, IT Analytical Services and TCT - St. Louis (formerly Envirodyne Engineers, Inc.) before joining TeKONTROL in 1997.

Mr. Kornegay earned his bachelor's degree in chemistry from Savannah State University in 1973. In 1993, Mr. Kornegay completed his MBA in management from Washington University in St. Louis, MO. He is active in a number of Orlando-area civic and community organizations.